Master Title Deed – Introduction

A Deed Poll is a legal document which binds the active intention of an individual in the presence of witnesses. Strictly speaking it is not a contract since it binds only one single party and expresses their intention instead of a promise.

The Deed Poll is most commonly used to change a person’s name. However, a similar document to the Deed of Change of Name is the Master Title Deed, which is used for recording a title change.

Every year thousands of people in the UK change their legal name and title by using the official forms of Deed Polls and Master Title Deeds. These legal documents are used to declare your intention to use a new name and/or title and renounce your old one. Anyone in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can change their name as long as it is not done with the intention to commit fraud or gain benefits by deception.

The Final Steps to Complete your Title Change:

Before you can start using your Deed Poll you need to date and sign it in the presence of witnesses. The Deed is witnessed (executed) two times, once for your old name (title) and once for your new name (title), and the two witnesses must be over the age of 18. A witness could be a friend, neighbour, work colleague or similar, but not a relative or a person who resides at the same address as the person named on the Deed.

Once you have executed your Deed Poll it becomes legally binding on you, whereupon you can proceed to show or send it to companies and organisations such as banks and utility service providers to notify them of your new title so that they can update their records accordingly.

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